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PitchTrainer! is a free app designed to help test and train musical pitch perception skills. The app was created primarily to facilitate a research study on the variation in musical pitch perception ability in the general population.

PitchTrainer! offers players an opportunity to participate in research on pitch perception. If you enroll in our research study, the app will allow you to participate as a research subject.

PitchTrainer! players who are interested in learning more and participating in related research studies may contact the research study coordinator at elenak@nshs.edu

PitchTrainer! Features

The app presents two tests - PitchMatch and Tone Scramble.

1. PitchMatch - a simplified version of our 1st app, PitchMatch!, an introduction to basic pitch matching skills

2. Tone Scramble - tests the ability to tell the difference in a musical quality known as tonality, based on the Western Major and Minor Scales.

No musical training or experience is required.

   PitchTrainer! is designed to be played with headphones or earbuds and should not be interrupted by other sounds -- no humming or singing!

   Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

   PitchMatch and Tone Scramble tracks your progress over time so you can try to improve!