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  PitchMatch !   

PitchMatch! is a Free app created in order to understand variation in musical pitch perception and innate musical ability in the general population. No musical training or experience is required! Whether you play a musical instrument or not, you may be able to do very well at PitchMatch!. This app requires high levels of concentration.

   PitchMatch! is designed to be played with headphones or earbuds and should not be interrupted by other sounds - - no humming or singing!

   Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Learn to use the Pitch Wheel. Listen for the “target” test tone. Touch and rotate the control along the Pitch Wheel to generate tones. Two full turns of the wheel gives you a wide range of musical tones to select from. Touch “Submit My Pitch Match” when you think you have a match. The Demo will provide feedback to each “match”. When you feel ready, proceed to the PitchMatch! tests.

Challenge yourself to play through all levels (1-6) of increasing difficulty. Begin your experience as a ‘PitchMatch Player’ and aim to become a ‘PitchMatch! Wizard’! After you play thru all 6 levels, you can return to any test to improve your pitch perception skills.

PitchMatch! Achievement Levels:

   Test 1 - PitchMatch Player
   Test 2 - PitchMatch Plus
   Test 3 - PitchMatch Star
   Test 4 - PitchMatch Power
   Test 5 - PitchMatch Champion
   Test 6 - PitchMatch Wizard

We hope that PitchMatch! will be played by thousands of people around the world. We also hope that some PitchMatch! players will be interested in learning more and participating in related research studies.

Please contact the study coordinator if you are interested in more information:elenak@nshs.edu