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  Notes on data release (n=785):

The current data release contains all subjects who gave an unambiguous response to questions concerning ethnic background, with the following filtering to obtain a clean dataset for analysis. In the case of subjects with Asian Ethnicity, we only included those subjects whose specific Asian background was listed as either Korean, Japanese or Chinese. Subjects where ethnicity and Asian background conflicted were removed (n=2). Only white subjects with childhoods in North America are included. Chinese, Japanese and Korean subjects with childhoods in either North America (USA and Canada) or Asia are provided, and where childhood was listed as both (n=1; Japan/USA), we considered that individual to have had substantial Asian childhood exposure. Finally, only subjects who clearly answered YES or NO to the presence of AP are included. Subjects with ambiguous responses concerning the presence of AP (n=225) were not included in our analysis. Information on age beginning formal music training was not available on 6 subjects. (September 2006)

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